lcm-spy - Man Page

traffic inspection tool


lcm-spy [options]


lcm-spy is the Lightweight Communications and Marshalling traffic  inspection utility.  It is a graphical tool for viewing messages received on  an LCM network, and is analagous to tools like Ethereal/Wireshark and tcpdump in that it is able to inspect all LCM messages received and provide information and statistics on the channels used.

When given appropriate LCM type definitions, lcm-spy is able to automatically detect and decode messages, and can display the individual fields of recognized messages.  lcm-spy is limited to displaying statistics for unrecognized messages.

lcm-spy collects the following statistics for each channel:


The following options are provided by lcm-spy

-l,  --lcm-url=URL

Use the specified LCM URL

-h,  --help

Shows some help text and exits

Automatic Message Decoding

If a Java class generated by lcm-gen for an LCM type definition is contained within a JAR file that is on the Java classpath, lcm-spy automatically detects the class and uses Java reflection to insert the corresponding LCM type definitions into a type database. Subsequently, lcm-spy is able to automatically recognize and decode messages received that correspond to all such types.

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This manual page was written by Albert Huang.


2009-07-28 Lightweight Communications and Marshalling (LCM)