lcm-logplayer-gui man page

lcm-logplayer-gui — full featured log playback and editng tool


lcm-logplayer-gui [options] [FILE]


lcm-logplayer-gui is the Lightweight Communications and Marshalling log playback tool. It provides a graphical user interface for playing logfiles recorded with lcm-logger. Features include random access, different playback speeds, channel suppression and remapping, and more.

lcm-logplayer-gui is written in Java, and uses the LCM Java bindings. Consequently, running it requires a working Java virtual machine.


The following options are provided by lcm-logplayer-gui

-l, --lcm-url=URL
Use the specified LCM URL
-h, --help
Shows some help text and exits

See Also

lcm-logger(1) lcm-logplayer(1)


This manual page was written by Albert Huang.

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