lcdgps - Man Page

LCD client for gpsd


lcdgps [Options] [server[:port[:device]]]

lcdgps -h

lcdgps -V


lcdgps is a client that passes gpsd data to lcdproc, turning your car computer into a very expensive and nearly feature-free GPS receiver. Currently assumes a 4x40 LCD and writes data formatted to fit that size screen. Also displays 4- or 6-character Maidenhead grid square output.

lcdgps does not require root privileges. It will also run fine as root. Running under sudo will cause loss of functionality.


-?,  -h,  --help

Print a summary of options and then exit.

-s,  --sleep

Sleep for 10 seconds before starting.

-V,  --version

Print the package version and exit.


By default, clients collect data from the local gpsd daemon running on localhost, using the default GPSD port 2947. The optional argument to any client may override this behavior: [server[:port[:device]]]

For further explanation, and examples, see the ARGUMENTS section in the gps(1) man page


The environment variable GPSD_UNITS is checked if no unit system is specified on the command line. It may be set to 'i'. 'imperial', 'm', 'metric', or 'n', 'nautical'.

LC_MEASUREMENT and then LANG are checked if no unit system has been specified on the command line, or in GPSD_UNITS. If the value is 'C', 'POSIX', or begins with 'en_US' the unit system is set to imperial. The default if no system has been selected defaults to metric.

Return Values


on success.


on failure

See Also

cgps(1), gegps(1), gpsctl(1), gps(1), gpsprof*(1), gpsfake(1), gpscat(1), gpspipe(1), gpsmon(1), xgps*(1). xgpsspeed(1)

libgps(3), libgpsmm(3)



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SPDX-License-Identifier: BSD-2-clause


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