labwc - Man Page

A Wayland stacking compositor


labwc  [options...] [command]


Labwc is a wlroots-based stacking compositor for Wayland.

It aims to be light-weight and independent, with a focus on simply stacking windows well and rendering some window decorations. Where practicable, it uses clients for wall-paper, panels, screenshots, and so on.


-c <config>

Specify a config file


Enable full logging, including debug information


Show help message and quit

-s <command>

Run command on startup


Show the version number and quit


Enable more verbose logging

Configuration and Theming

Labwc uses openbox specification for configuration and theming, but does not support all options. The the following files control the look and behaviour:

  • ~/.config/labwc/rc.xml
  • ~/.config/labwc/menu.xml
  • ~/.config/labwc/autostart
  • ~/.config/labwc/environment
  • ~/.themes/<name>/openbox-3/themerc

Equivalent XDG Base Directory Specification locations are also honoured.

The configuration file and theme are re-loaded on receiving signal SIGHUP.

The autostart file is executed as a shell script. This is a place for setting a background image, launching a panel, or similar.

The environment file is parsed as <variable>=<value> and sets environment variables accordingly. It is recommended to specify keyboard settings here, for example: `XKB_DEFAULT_LAYOUT=gb`. See xkeyboard-config(7) for details.  Note that the environment file is treated differently by openbox where it is simply sourced prior to running openbox.

See Also

labwc-config(5), labwc-theme(5), labwc-actions(5)

Referenced By

labwc-actions(5), labwc-config(5), labwc-environment(5), labwc-menu(5), labwc-theme(5).