kyua-plain-tester man page

kyua-plain-tester — Scriptable interface to interact with plain test programs


kyua-plain-tester [generic_flags] subcommand [subcommand_flags] [subcommand_args]


kyua-plain-tester provides a scriptable interface to interact with test programs that implement the kyua-plain-interface(7) test interface. This manual page describes the specific features that apply to this specific tester. For the generic manual page, which describes the command-line interface in detail, please see kyua-tester(1).

Test cases list

A test program that follows the plain interface can only have a single test case. Due to this, the output of the ‘list’ subcommand of kyua-plain-tester will always result in one single test case. This test case represents the whole test program.

See Also

kyua-tester(1), kyua-plain-interface(7)

Referenced By

kyua-tester(1), kyua-tester-list(5), kyua-tester-result(5).

December 26, 2012