kyua-db-migrate man page

db-migrate — Upgrades the schema of an existing results file


db-migrate [--results-file file]


The db-migrate command migrates the schema of an existing database to the latest version implemented in kyua(1).

This operation is not reversible. However, a backup of the database is created in the same directory where the database lives.

The following subcommand options are recognized:

--results-file path, -s path

Specifies the results file to operate on. Defaults to ‘LATEST’, which causes db-migrate to automatically load the latest results file for the current test suite. See kyua-results-files(7) for more information.

Exit Status

The db-migrate command returns 0 on success or 1 if the migration fails.

Additional exit codes may be returned as described in kyua(1).

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July 28, 2014