kyua-atf-tester man page

kyua-atf-tester — Scriptable interface to interact with ATF test programs


kyua-atf-tester [generic_flags] subcommand [subcommand_flags] [subcommand_args]


kyua-atf-tester provides a scriptable interface to interact with test programs that implement the kyua-atf-interface(7) test interface. This manual page describes the specific features that apply to this specific tester. For the generic manual page, which describes the command-line interface in detail, please see kyua-tester(1).

Results conversion

The result format outputted by kyua-atf-tester (described in kyua-tester-result(5)) is more restricted than what the ATF test case itself can output. The following list details maps ATF test results to their generic results:


Maps to ‘expected_failure’ if the death happens; ‘failed’ otherwise.


Maps to ‘expected_failure’ if the test exits cleanly; ‘failed’ otherwise.


Maps to ‘expected_failure’ if there is any failure during the execution; ‘failed’ otherwise.


Maps to ‘expected_failure’ if the test terminates due to a signal; ‘failed’ otherwise.


Maps to ‘expected_failure’ if the test times out; ‘failed’ otherwise.


Maps to ‘failed’.


Maps to ‘passed’.


Maps to ‘skipped’.

Any of the previous test results can also map to ‘broken’ in those cases where there is an unexpected problem in the communcation between the test and kyua-atf-tester. For example, this will happen if result file created by the ATF test case does not comply to what kyua-atf-interface(7) describes.

Cleanup routines

Because kyua-atf-tester cannot keep any contextual information between the listing of test cases and their execution, the tester cannot easily (aka cheaply) know whether a test has or has not a cleanup routine when it is run. For this reason, the ‘test’ subcommand of kyua-atf-tester will assume, by default, that a test case does have a cleanup routine. This postive assumption ensures that, if the tester is incorrectly executed, the test will be properly cleaned up.

However, as an optimization, the caller can pass ‘-v has_cleanup=false’ to the ‘test’ subcommand to tell kyua-atf-tester that the test being run does not have a cleanup routine.

See Also

kyua-tester(1), kyua-atf-interface(7)

Referenced By

kyua-tester(1), kyua-tester-list(5), kyua-tester-result(5).

December 26, 2012