kyua-about man page

about — Shows general program information


about [authors | license | version]


The ‘about’ command provides generic information about the kyua(1) tool. In the default synopsis form (no arguments), the information printed includes:

  1. The name of the package, which is ‘kyua-cli’.
  2. The version number, which is ‘0.9’.
  3. License information.
  4. Authors information.
  5. A link to the project web site.

You can customize the information printed by this command by specifying the desired topic as the single argument to the command. This can be one of:


Displays the list of authors and contributors only.


Displays the license information and the list of copyrights.


Displays the package name and the version number in a format that is compatible with the output of GNU tools that support a --version flag. Use this whenever you have to query the version number of the package.


The following files are read by the about command:


List of authors and contributors.


License information.

Exit Status

The about command always returns 0.

Additional exit codes may be returned as described in kyua(1).

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September 9, 2012