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Generates the kube-apiserver static Pod manifest

Eric Paris Jan 2015


kubeadm init phase control-plane apiserver [Options]


Generates the kube-apiserver static Pod manifest


--apiserver-advertise-address="" The IP address the API Server will advertise it's listening on. If not set the default network interface will be used.

--apiserver-bind-port=6443 Port for the API Server to bind to.

--apiserver-extra-args= A set of extra flags to pass to the API Server or override default ones in form of =

--cert-dir="/etc/kubernetes/pki" The path where to save and store the certificates.

--config="" Path to a kubeadm configuration file.

--control-plane-endpoint="" Specify a stable IP address or DNS name for the control plane.

--dry-run=false Don't apply any changes; just output what would be done.

--feature-gates="" A set of key=value pairs that describe feature gates for various features. Options are: EtcdLearnerMode=true|false (BETA - default=true) PublicKeysECDSA=true|false (DEPRECATED - default=false) RootlessControlPlane=true|false (ALPHA - default=false) UpgradeAddonsBeforeControlPlane=true|false (DEPRECATED - default=false)

--image-repository="registry.k8s.io" Choose a container registry to pull control plane images from

--kubernetes-version="stable-1" Choose a specific Kubernetes version for the control plane.

--patches="" Path to a directory that contains files named "target[suffix][+patchtype].extension". For example, "kube-apiserver0+merge.yaml" or just "etcd.json". "target" can be one of "kube-apiserver", "kube-controller-manager", "kube-scheduler", "etcd", "kubeletconfiguration". "patchtype" can be one of "strategic", "merge" or "json" and they match the patch formats supported by kubectl. The default "patchtype" is "strategic". "extension" must be either "json" or "yaml". "suffix" is an optional string that can be used to determine which patches are applied first alpha-numerically.

--service-cidr="" Use alternative range of IP address for service VIPs.

Options Inherited from Parent Commands

--azure-container-registry-config="" Path to the file containing Azure container registry configuration information.

--rootfs="" [EXPERIMENTAL] The path to the 'real' host root filesystem.

--version=false --version, --version=raw prints version information and quits; --version=vX.Y.Z... sets the reported version

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January 2015, Originally compiled by Eric Paris (eparis at redhat dot com) based on the kubernetes source material, but hopefully they have been automatically generated since!

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