ksflatten man page

ksflatten — flatten a kickstart file


ksflatten [-c | --config INFILE] [-o | --output OUTFILE] [-v | --version VERSION]


ksflatten is a program that takes an input kickstart file potentially containing includes and generates an output file with all the includes inlined.

Exit Status

ksflatten returns 0 on success, and 1 if INFILE does not exist or there is an error parsing the kickstart file.


-c, --config INFILE
The name of the input kickstart file.
-o, --output OUTFILE
Write the flattened kickstart file to OUTFILE, or stdout if no filename is given.
-v, --version VERSION
Use this version of kickstart syntax when processing the file, or the latest if no version is given.

See Also

ksvalidator (1), ksverdiff (1)

Referenced By

ksvalidator(1), ksverdiff(1).

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