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krunvm-start - Man Page

Starts an existing microVM


krunvm start [Options] microVM [COMMAND] [-- ARGS]


krunvm start starts an existing microVM created by krunvm-create(1) and attaches stdin/stdout to its virtio-console providing a seamless experience for interacting with the guest running inside it.

COMMAND is the first binary to be executed in the microVM. If it’s not present in the command line, krunvm-start(1) defaults to executing /bin/sh.

Additional arguments for COMMAND can be specified in the command line by appending -- followed by ARGS.


--cpus NUM

Override the number of vCPUs configured for this microVM.

--mem NUM

Override amount of RAM, in MiB, configured for this microVM.

See Also

krunvm(1), krunvm-create(1), krunvm-changevm(1)

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