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krunvm - Man Page

Create microVMs from OCI images

Examples (TL;DR)


krunvm [GLOBAL_OPTIONS] command


krunvm is a CLI utility to create, manage and start microVMs which are generated from OCI images, providing an interface that resembles operating on conventional containers.

krunvm uses buildah(1) to download the OCI image and mount it into a local directory, and libkrun to launch the microVM.

The local directory where the OCI image has been mounted is used as the root filesystem for the microVM, serviced by a virtio-fs device/server bundled into libkrun.

krunvm supports mounting additional local directories into the microVM and exposing ports from the guest to the host (and the networks connected to it).

Networking to the guest running in the microVM is provided by libkrun’s TSI (Transparent Socket Impersonation), enabling a seamless experience that doesn’t require network bridges nor other explicit network configuration.

Global Options

-v NUM

Sets the verbosity level, from the lowest (0) to the highest (5).


krunvm-changevm(1)Change the configuration of a microVM
krunvm-config(1)Configure global values
krunvm-create(1)Create a new microVM
krunvm-delete(1)Delete an existing microVM
krunvm-list(1)List the existing microVMs
krunvm-start(1)Start an existing microVM

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Referenced By

krunvm-changevm(1), krunvm-config(1), krunvm-create(1), krunvm-delete(1), krunvm-list(1), krunvm-start(1).