kitten-run-shell - Man Page

Run the user's shell with shell integration enabled


kitten run-shell [options] [optional cmd to run before running the shell ...]


Run the users's configured shell. If the shell supports shell integration, enable it based on the user's configured shell_integration setting.



Specify a value for the shell_integration option, overriding the one from kitty.conf.

--shell [=.]

Specify the shell command to run. The default value of . will use the parent shell if recognized, falling back to the value of the shell option from kitty.conf.


Specify an env var to set before running the shell. Of the form KEY=VAL. Can be specified multiple times. If no = is present KEY is unset.


The working directory to use when executing the shell.

--help, ā€‰-h

Show help for this command

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Feb 12, 2024 0.32.2 kitten Manual