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kirc - Man Page



kirc [-s server] [-p port] [-n nick] [-c chan] ...


kirc is an extremely fast and simple IRC client designed with portability in mind. This client reads from STDIN and prints to STDOUT, so all traffic can multiplexed and text parsed or modified using external commands. All highlighted text and color can be controlled with ANSI escape sequences.


-s server

Overrides the default host (irc.libera.chat)

-p port

Overrides the default port (6697)

-c chan

Specifies the channel(s) to JOIN (delimited by "," or "|")

-n nick

Specifies the NICK connection nickname

-r real

Specifies the users real name

-u user

Specifies the USER connection username

-k pass

Specifies the PASS connection password

-a auth

Specifies SASL PLAIN mechanism authentication token


Specifies SASL EXTERNAL mechanism


Reads from STDIN and passes each line (delimited by "\n") as a command to the IRC server after the initial connection.


Prints the version information to stderr, then exits


Increases verbosity. Causes raw IRC messages to be printed when sent or received.



Send message to IRC host (e.g. /JOIN, /PART, /WHOIS, etc.)


Set default message channel to <channel>


Send PRIVMSG to default message channel with <message> as the content

@<channel|nick> <message>

Send <message> to specified <channel> or <nick>

@@<channel|nick> <message>

Send CTCP ACTION containing <message> to specified <channel> or <nick> (if no <channel> or <nick> is specified, the <message> will be sent to the default message channel)


Michael Czigler <michaelczigler at icloud dot com>


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