kf5-config man page

kf5-config — Prints Qt(TM) and Frameworks installation paths


kf5-config [--expandvars] [--prefix] [--exec-prefix] [--libsuffix] [--localprefix] [--version] [--kde-version] [--types] [--path type] [--userpath type] [--install type] [--qt-prefix] [--qt-binaries] [--qt-libraries] [--qt-plugins]


kf5-config is a command line program used to retrieve information about Frameworks installation or user paths.

Use this program to determine where the various aspects of the Frameworks installation reside on your system.


kf5-config is mostly a deprecated replacement for kde4-config, while the recommended tool to use instead is qtpaths (which is shipped with Qt(TM)).


expand ${prefix} and ${exec_prefix} in output
Compiled in prefix for Frameworks libraries
Compiled in exec_prefix for Frameworks libraries
Compiled in library path suffix
Prefix in $HOME used to write files
Version of Qt(TM) and compiled in version string for Frameworks libraries and kf5-config
Compiled in version string for Frameworks libraries
Print a list of all available KDE resource types
--path type
Search path for the specified type
--userpath type
User paths for the types: desktop|document
--install type
Prefix to install resource files to
Installation prefix for Qt(TM)
Location of installed Qt(TM) binaries
Location of installed Qt(TM) libraries
Location of installed Qt(TM) plugins


Print the top-level Frameworks installation directory:

% kf5-config --prefix

Print a list of all resource types:

% kf5-config --types

Print the installed wallpaper path:

% kf5-config --path wallpaper

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Stephan Kulow <coolo@kde.org>



2015-07-31 KDE Frameworks Frameworks 5.13 kf5-config User's Manual