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keyring - Man Page

manual page for keyring 25.2.0


usage: keyring [-h] [-p KEYRING_PATH] [-b KEYRING_BACKEND] [--list-backends]

[--disable] [--mode {password,creds}] [--output {plain,json}] [--print-completion {bash,zsh,tcsh}] [{get,set,del,diagnose}] [service] [username]

positional arguments

{get,set,del,diagnose} service username


-h,  --help

show this help message and exit

-p,  --keyring-path KEYRING_PATH

Path to the keyring backend

-b,  --keyring-backend KEYRING_BACKEND

Name of the keyring backend


List keyring backends and exit


Disable keyring and exit

--mode {password,creds}

Mode for 'get' operation. 'password' requires a username and will return only the password. 'creds' does not require a username and will return both the username and password separated by a newline. Default is 'password'

--output {plain,json}

Output format for 'get' operation. Default is 'plain'

--print-completion {bash,zsh,tcsh}

print shell completion script


June 2024 keyring 25.2.0