keyanalyze - Man Page

Web of Trust analysis


keyanalyze [ -h1 ] [ -i infile ] [ -o outdir ]


keyanalyze analyses the web of trust within a group of keys.  It takes preprocessed keys as input (see process_keys(1)) and produces an output directory full of statistics about the keys.

Usually called like
$ pgpring -S -k ./keyring.gpg | process_keys > preprocess.keys
$ keyanalyze


-i infile

Read from infile instead of preprocess.keys.

-o outdir

Put the results in outdir instead of output/.  The directory will be created if it does not already exist.


Print help.


Per default, keyanalyze writes the output into subdirectories named after the first two characters of the key ID. This options disables this; useful for small keyrings.


M. Drew Streib <>,
Thomas Roessler <>,
Hal J. Burch <>,
Matt Kraai <>,
Steve Langasek <>,
Matthew Wilcox <>

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