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kernel-bootcfg - Man Page

manual page for kernel-bootcfg 24.4


usage: kernel-bootcfg [-h] [-l LEVEL] [--vars FILE] [--show] [-v]

[--add-uki FILE] [--update-uki FILE] [--remove-uki FILE]

[--boot-ok] [--update-csv] [--add-uri URI] [--remove-entry NNNN] [--once] [--boot-order POS] [--dry-run] [--title TITLE] [--shim FILE]

Show and manage uefi boot entries.


-h,  --help

show this help message and exit

-l LEVEL, --loglevel LEVEL

set loglevel to LEVEL

--vars FILE

read edk2 vars from FILE


print boot configuration

-v,  --verbose

print more details

update unified kernel image (UKI) boot entries

--add-uki FILE

add boot entry for UKI image FILE

--update-uki FILE

update boot entry for UKI image FILE

--remove-uki FILE

remove boot entry for UKI image FILE

--boot-ok, --boot-successful

boot is successful, update BootOrder to have current entry listed first.


update BOOT.CSV

update other boot entries

--add-uri URI

add boot entry to netboot URI

--remove-entry NNNN

add remove entry NNNN

options for boot entry updates

--once,  --boot-next

boot added/updated entry once (using BootNext)

--boot-order POS

place added/updated entry at POS in BootOrder (0 is first)


do not actually update the configuration

--title TITLE

label the entry with TITLE

--shim FILE

use shim binary FILE


Gerd Hoffmann <kraxel@redhat.com>


April 2024 kernel-bootcfg 24.4