kbdd - Man Page

simple per-window keyboard layout switching daemon


kbdd [ -n | --nodaemon ]
kbdd [ -h | --help ] [ -v | --version ]


kbdd is a simple keyboard layout daemon that switches and restores layouts on a per-window basis.

-n,  --nodaemon

run in nodaemon (foreground) mode

-h,  --help

print a short usage summary

-v,  --version

print the program version

Dbus Interface

Kbdd registers a dbus interface in order to notify a window manager about layout change and listens on this interface for incoming requests. This interface can be used in WM widgets to indicate the current layout.

The dbus interface has the following methods:

getLayoutName( uint32 )

returns a string representing the layout group name

set_layout( uint32 )

sets current group


returns current layout group id


switches to the next keyboard layout


switches to the previous keyboard layout

The following events (signals) are available:


returns new group number


returns name for the new group

You can change the layout with the following dbus-send command:

dbus-send --dest=ru.gentoo.KbddService /ru/gentoo/KbddService ru.gentoo.kbdd.set_layout uint32:1


Some users reported problems with sticking meta-keys (Alt or Meta4), however, at the moment there is not enough information collected to conclude if this is caused by kbdd or not.

Newly found bugs may be reported on the project page at github.


Alexander V. Vershilov

This manual page was updated for the Debian project by Stanislav Maslovski

See Also

dbus-send(1), dbus-monitor(1)

You can get more information about kbdd usage on wiki pages of the kbdd project.


27 Aug 2011 version 0.6 XKB layout switching daemon