kawa - Man Page

Scheme language implemented using on a Java VM


kawa [options]
java kawa.repl [options]


This manual page documents briefly the kawa package, a Scheme dialect written completely in the Java language. Scheme forms are compiled into Java bytecodes for efficiency.

Scheme is a high-level non-pure functional language in the Lisp family, with lexical scoping dynamically-types. The Kawa dialect of Scheme contains hooks to access and control Java objects.

Using the kawa script is equivalent to invoking an interpreter of the Java language on the kawa.repl class.

This manual page is just a quick synopsis. For more information, read the kawa manual - see below.


-e expression

Evaluate the expression.

-c expression

Evaluate the expression, but does not cause the start-up file ~/.kawarc.scm to be read.

-f filename

Read and evaluate Scheme commands from the filename.


Enter an interactive read-evaluate-print command loop.


Enter an interactive read-evaluate-print in a new top-level window.

-C filename

Compile filename to one or more Java class files.  See the Kawa manual for details.

If no options are specified, it is equivalent to -s.
GNU readline(3) can normally be used to edit commands.



The kawa executable, which starts a java interpreter.


Commands that are executed when kawa is started.


Per Bothner <per@bothner.com>.

See Also

info kawa - the complete Kawa manual. http://www.gnu.org/software/kawa/ - the kawa home page, based on the same Kawa manual.

qexo(1) - an implementation of XQuery using the same engine.

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