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katalyzer - Man Page

analyzes Kate streams and displays various information about them.


katalyzer [-hV] [-l types] [-l!] [ infile ]


katalyzer analyzes Kate streams and displays information about them. The type of information to select is selectable on the command line. Several multiplexed Kate streams may be analyzed at the same time.



Show command line help.


Show version information.

-l types

Select the types of information to log, from the list below. These characters may be concatenated in a single -l option, as, eg, ls does (eg, katalyzer -l Ttv). Refer to the katalyzer command line help for a fully up to date list of types.
   e: errors
   p: packet
   c: container specific information
   T: Timing
   t: text
   v: event
   d: dump page and packets
   S: statistics
   -: miscellaneous information that doesn't belong in any other type


Shorthand to select all information to log.


Analyzes any Kate stream in an Ogg file:

   katalyzer input.ogg

Analyzes any Kate stream in an Ogg file, displaying only errors:

   katalyzer -l e input.ogg

See Also

katedec(1), kateenc(1)

Referenced By

katedec(1), kateenc(1).

03 december 2008 libkate 0.4.1