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kaffeine — A media player by KDE with digital TV support


kaffeine [--tempfile] [-f, --fullscreen] [--audiocd] [--videocd] [--dvd] [--dumpdvb] [--channel name / number] [--tv channel] [--lastchannel] [file]


Kaffeine is a media player. What makes it different from the others is its excellent support of digital TV (DVB). Kaffeine has user-friendly interface, so that even first time users can start immediately playing their movies: from DVD (including DVD menus, titles, chapters, etc.), VCD, or a file.

Kaffeine uses libVLC as video/audio play backend.


The files/URLs opened by the application will be deleted after use
-f --fullscreen
Start in full screen mode
Play Audio CD
Play Video CD
Play DVD
Dump dvb data (debug option)
--channel name / number
Play TV channel
--tv channel
(deprecated option)
Play last tuned TV channel


Files or URLs to play


Kaffeine uses the file scanfile.dvb with a list of known channels per locality and per Satellite (for DVB-S).

When either new channels are added on some City, or when new Satellite beams are added, which are not available in Kaffeine, either use dvbv5-scan or w_scan to generate a new file (in the latter case, converted to the proper format using dvb-format-convert), and submit it to <linux-media@vger.kernel.org>, with the subject “[PATCH] dtv-scan-tables: some description”. The new patch will be added to scanfile.dvb and the updated file will be available to be updated from the Internet in the Kaffeine application.

See Also

More detailed user documentation is available from help:/kaffeine[1] (either enter this URL into Konqueror, or run khelpcenter help:/kaffeine).


There is also further information available at the Kaffeine Page[2]


To list the authors of Kaffeine use kaffeine --author in a terminal.


Burkhard Lück <lueck@hube-lueck.de>







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gxine(1), xine(5).

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