just - Man Page

save and run commands

Examples (TL;DR)


just 1.24.0 - Please see https://github.com/casey/just for more information.


just [Flags] [Options] [--] [ARGUMENTS]...



Print changelog


Run `--fmt` in 'check' mode. Exits with 0 if justfile is formatted correctly. Exits with 1 and prints a diff if formatting is required.


Select one or more recipes to run using a binary chooser. If `--chooser` is not passed the chooser defaults to the value of $JUST_CHOOSER, falling back to `fzf`


Clear shell arguments

-n,  --dry-run

Print what just would do without doing it


Print justfile

-e,  --edit

Edit justfile with editor given by $VISUAL or $EDITOR, falling back to `vim`


Evaluate and print all variables. If a variable name is given as an argument, only print that variable's value.


Format and overwrite justfile


Highlight echoed recipe lines in bold


Initialize new justfile in project root

-l,  --list

List available recipes and their arguments


Don't run recipe dependencies


Don't load `.env` file


Don't highlight echoed recipe lines in bold

-q,  --quiet

Suppress all output


Invoke <COMMAND> with the shell used to run recipe lines and backticks


List names of available recipes

-u,  --unsorted

Return list and summary entries in source order


Enable unstable features


List names of variables

-v,  --verbose

Use verbose output


Automatically confirm all recipes.

-h,  --help

Print help information

-V,  --version

Print version information


--chooser <CHOOSER>

Override binary invoked by `--choose`

--color <COLOR>

Print colorful output [default: auto]

[possible values: auto, always, never]

-c, --command <COMMAND>

Run an arbitrary command with the working directory, `.env`, overrides, and exports set

--command-color <COMMAND-COLOR>

Echo recipe lines in <COMMAND-COLOR> [possible values: black, blue, cyan, green, purple, red, yellow]

--completions <SHELL>

Print shell completion script for <SHELL> [possible values: zsh, bash, fish, powershell, elvish]

--dotenv-filename <DOTENV-FILENAME>

Search for environment file named <DOTENV-FILENAME> instead of `.env`

--dotenv-path <DOTENV-PATH>

Load environment file at <DOTENV-PATH> instead of searching for one

--dump-format <FORMAT>

Dump justfile as <FORMAT> [default: just]

[possible values: just, json]

-f, --justfile <JUSTFILE>

Use <JUSTFILE> as justfile

--list-heading <TEXT>

Print <TEXT> before list

--list-prefix <TEXT>

Print <TEXT> before each list item


Override <VARIABLE> with <VALUE>

--shell <SHELL>

Invoke <SHELL> to run recipes

--shell-arg <SHELL-ARG>...

Invoke shell with <SHELL-ARG> as an argument

-s, --show <RECIPE>

Show information about <RECIPE>

-d, --working-directory <WORKING-DIRECTORY>

Use <WORKING-DIRECTORY> as working directory. --justfile must also be set



Overrides and recipe(s) to run, defaulting to the first recipe in the justfile


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