jsonld-java-tools man page

jsonld-java-tools ā€” JSON for Linking Data Java tools.



The following options are understood:


base URI. (default: )


The context.


RDFFormat: The output file format to use. Valid values are: binaryrdf, turtle, n3, rdfjson, rdfxml, trig, nquads, jsonld, trix, ntriples default: N-Quads (mimeTypes=application/n-quads, text/x-nquads, text/nquads; ext=nq)


The way to output the (default: expanded) results from fromRDF. Valid values are: compacted, expanded, flattened


Show this help string

Options Required

The following options (required) are understood:


File: The input file.


The processing to perform. Valid values are: expand, compact, frame, normalize, flatten, fromrdf, tordf.


02/08/2018 jsonld-java-tools