jpgicc - Man Page

little cms ICC profile applier for JPEG.


jpgicc [options] input.jpg output.jpg


lcms is a standalone CMM engine, which deals with the color management. It implements a fast transformation between ICC profiles. jpgicc is a little cms ICC profile applier for JPEG.



Black point compensation.

-c NUM

Precalculates transform (0=Off, 1=Normal, 2=Hi-res, 3=LoRes) [defaults to 1].

-d NUM

Observer adaptation state (abs.col. only), (0..1.0, float value) [defaults to 0.0].


Embed destination profile.


Marks out-of-gamut colors on softproof.

-h NUM

Show summary of options and examples (0=help, 1=Examples, 2=Built-in profiles, 3=Contact information)

-i profile

Input profile (defaults to sRGB).

-l link

TODO: explain this option.

-m NUM

SoftProof intent (0,1,2,3) [defaults to 0].


Ignore embedded profile.

-o profile

Output profile (defaults to sRGB).

-p profile

Soft proof profile.

-q NUM

Output JPEG quality, (0..100) [defaults to 75].

-s newprofile

Save embedded profile as newprofile.

-t NUM

Rendering intent

    0=Perceptual [default]
    1=Relative colorimetric
    3=Absolute colorimetric
    10=Perceptual preserving black ink
    11=Relative colorimetric preserving black ink
    12=Saturation preserving black ink
    13=Perceptual preserving black plane
    14=Relative colorimetric preserving black plane
    15=Saturation preserving black plane



Out-of-gamut marker channel values (r,g,b) [defaults: 128,128,128].

Built-in Profiles

	*Lab2  -- D50-based v2 CIEL*a*b
	*Lab4  -- D50-based v4 CIEL*a*b
	*Lab   -- D50-based v4 CIEL*a*b
	*XYZ   -- CIE XYZ (PCS)
	*sRGB  -- sRGB color space
	*Gray22 - Monochrome of Gamma 2.2
	*Gray30 - Monochrome of Gamma 3.0
	*null   - Monochrome black for all input
	*Lin2222- CMYK linearization of gamma 2.2 on each channel


To color correct from scanner to sRGB:
	jpgicc -iscanner.icm in.jpg out.jpg

To convert from monitor1 to monitor2:
	jpgicc -imon1.icm -omon2.icm in.jpg out.jpg

To make a CMYK separation:
	jpgicc -oprinter.icm inrgb.jpg outcmyk.jpg

To recover sRGB from a CMYK separation:
	jpgicc -iprinter.icm incmyk.jpg outrgb.jpg

To convert from CIELab ITU/Fax JPEG to sRGB
	jpgicc -iitufax.icm in.jpg out.jpg

To convert from CIELab ITU/Fax JPEG to sRGB
	jpgicc in.jpg out.jpg


For suggestions, comments, bug reports etc. send mail to

See Also

linkicc(1), psicc(1), tificc(1), transicc(1)


This manual page was written by Shiju p. Nair <>, for the Debian project.

Referenced By

linkicc(1), psicc(1), tificc(1), transicc(1).

September 30, 2004