jose-jwe-fmt - Man Page

Converts a JWE between serialization formats


jose jwe fmt -i JWE [-I CT] [-o JWE] [-O CT] [-c]


The jose jwe fmt command converts a JWE into alternative serialization formats. For example, it can:

  1. Attach ciphertext to a detached JWE.
  2. Detach ciphertext from a JWE.
  3. Convert JWE Compact Serialization to JWE JSON Serialization.
  4. Convert JWE JSON Serialization to JWE Compact Serialization.


-i JSON, --input=JSON

Parse JWE from JSON

-i FILE, --input=FILE

Read JWE from FILE

-i -, --input=-

Read JWE from standard input

-I FILE, --detached=FILE

Read decoded ciphertext from FILE

-I -, --detached=-

Read decoded ciphertext from standard input

-o FILE, --output=FILE

Write JWE to FILE

-o -, --output=-

Write JWE to stdout (default)

-O FILE, --detach=FILE

Detach ciphertext and decode to FILE

-O -, --detach=-

Detach ciphertext and decode to standard output

-c, ā€‰--compact

Output JWE using compact serialization


Attach ciphertext to a detached JWE and emit JWE Compact Serialization:

$ jose jwe fmt -i msg.jwe -I msg.ct -o compact.jwe -c

Detach ciphertext from a JWE:

$ jose jwe fmt -i msg.jwe -o detached.jwe -O detached.ct


Nathaniel McCallum <>

See Also

jose-jwe-dec(1), jose-jwe-enc(1)

Referenced By

jose(1), jose-jwe-dec(1), jose-jwe-enc(1).

May 2017