jose-jwe-dec - Man Page

Decrypts a JWE using the supplied JWKs


jose jwe dec -i JWE [-I CT] -k JWK [-p] [-O PT]


The jose jwe dec command decrypts a JWE using one or more JWK (-k) or password (-p). Decryption succeeds if any key is able to perform decryption.

If the JWE is a detached JWE, meaning that the ciphertext is stored in binary form external to the JWE itself, the ciphertext can be loaded using the -I parameter.

Please note that, when specifying the -O option to output the plaintext, plaintext output begins before ciphertext validation. Therefore, you must check the return value of the command before using the data.



Decrypt a JWE with a JWK:

$ jose jwe dec -i msg.jwe -k rsa.key -O msg.txt

Decrypt a JWE with a password:

$ jose jwe dec -i msg.jwe -p -O msg.txt
Please enter decryption password:

Decrypt a JWE with either of two JWKs:

$ jose jwe dec -i msg.jwe -k ec.jwk -k rsa.jwk -O msg.txt


Nathaniel McCallum <>

See Also

jose-jwe-enc(1), jose-jwe-fmt(1)

Referenced By

jose(1), jose-jwe-enc(1), jose-jwe-fmt(1), jose-jwk-gen(1).