jgmenu-pmenu - Man Page

generate jgmenu flavoured CSV menu data


jgmenu_run pmenu [-h | –help] [–append-file <FILE>]

                 [–prepend-file <FILE>] [–locale <LOCALE>]


Generates jgmenu flavoured CSV menu data based on .desktop and .directory files found on the system, but ignores any .menu files. Instead of the structure specified in the .menu file, it simply maps each “.desktop” application onto one of the “.directory” categories. If a matching “.directory” category does not exist, it tries to cross-reference “additional categories” to “related categories” in accordance with the XDG menu-spec. This is a generic approach which avoids Desktop Environment specific rules defined in the .menu file. It ensures that all .desktop files are included in the menu.

The root menu is appended/prepended by the contents of the following files if they exist:


-h, --help

Show this help message and exit

--append-file FILE

Path to menu file to append to the root menu

--prepend-file FILE

Path to menu file to prepend to the root menu

--locale LOCALE

Use a custom locale (e.g. en_US.UTF-8). Available locales can be shown by running locale -a.

Environment Variables


If set, ^checkout() items will be replaced by ^root()


If set, applications will be listed without a directory structure


Johan Malm.


29 September, 2019