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Display the current date and time in the given FORMAT.

-d,  --date=FORMAT;STRING

display time described by STRING, not `now'

-a,  --access=FILE

display the last access time of FILE.

-r,  --reference=FILE

display the last modification time of FILE.

-j,  --jalali=%Y/%m/%d

converts a gregorian date to jalali.

-g,  --gregorian=%Y/%m/%d

converts a jalali date to gregorian.

-R,  --rfc-2822

output date and time in RFC 2822 format. Example: Jom, 06 Khor 1390 13:44:56 -0430.

-u,  --utc,  --universal

print Coordinated Universal Time.

-h,  --help

display this help and exit.

-V,  --version

output version information and exit.

FORMAT controls the output.

Interpreted sequences are:


a literal %


abbreviated weekday name (e.g., Sun)


full weekday name (e.g., Sunday)


abbreviated month name (e.g., Khor)


full month name (e.g., Khordad)


date and time (e.g., Jome Kho  6 17:18:25 1390)


century; like %Y, except omit last two digits (e.g., 13)


day of month (e.g., 01)


date; same as %Y/%m/%d


day of month, space padded; same as %_d


date and time in Farsi. (utf8)


full date; same as %Y-%m-%d


abbreviated Farsi weekday name in English transliteration (e.g. Jom)


full Farsi weekday name in English transliteration (e.g. Jomeh)


abbreviated Farsi weekday name. (utf8)


full Farsi weekday name. (utf8)


abbreviated Farsi month name. (utf8)


full Farsi month name. (utf8)


hour (00..23)


hour (01..12)


day of year (001..366)


hour (0..23)


hour (1..12)


month (01..12)


minute (00..59)


a newline


AM or PM notation for time in Farsi. (utf8)


either AM or PM; blank if not known


like %p, but lower case


12-hour clock time (e.g., 17:24:04 PM)


24-hour hour and minute; same as %H:%M


seconds since 1970-01-01 00:00:00 UTC


second (00..59)


a tab


time; same as %H:%M:%S


day of week (1..7); 1 is Saturday


week number of year, with Saturday as first day of week (00..53)


day of week (0..6); 0 is Saturday


date representation in Farsi. (utf8)


date representation (e.g., 06/03/90)


time representation in Farsi. (utf8)


last two digits of year (00..99)




+hhmm numeric time zone (e.g., +0330)


alphabetic time zone abbreviation (e.g., IRST)


jdate -uR

formats current UTC date and time in RFC2822 format.

jdate '+%Y-%m-%d %H:%M:%S'

formats current local date and time in the above format. e.g. 1390-03-06 21:12:17

jdate --access=foo.bar

displays last access time for file foo.bar

jdate '+%s' --date='%Y/%m/%d-%H:%M:%S;1390/03/06-21:14:17'

displays seconds since epoch (UTC) for local date specified by date string.


Written by Ashkan Ghassemi. <ghassemi@ftml.net>

Reporting Bugs

Report jdate bugs to <ghassemi@ftml.net>

libjalali home page: <http://savannah.nongnu.org/projects/jcal/>

See Also

jcal(1), jctime(3), jstrftime(3), jstrptime(3)

Referenced By

jcal(1), jctime(3), jstrftime(3), jstrptime(3).

Khordad 6, 1390