jasper - Man Page

File format converter specialized in JPEG-2000 encoding


jasper [options]


The jasper command converts to and from JPEG-2000 files. Please use the --help command line switch and the JasPer Software Reference Manual for more information.

Online Manual

For detailed information on the JasPer software, please refer to the online JasPer Manual, which is available at: <https://jasper-software.github.io/jasper-manual>

Jasper Software Web Site

For additional information about the JasPer software, please refer to the JasPer software web site at: <https://jasper-software.github.io/jasper>

See Also

imginfo(1), imgcmp(1), jiv(1).


Michael D. Adams <mdadams@ieee.org> This manpage was initially written by Roland Stigge <stigge@antcom.de> for the Debian Project.

Referenced By

imgcmp(1), imginfo(1), jiv(1).

01 January 2022 Version 3.0.0 JasPer Manual