jake - Man Page

the JavaScript build tool for Node.js


Jake is the JavaScript build tool for NodeJS. Jake has been around since the very early days of Node, and is very full featured and well tested.


jake [options ...] [env variables ...] target


-f, --jakefile FILE

Use FILE as the Jakefile.

-C, --directory DIRECTORY

Change to DIRECTORY before running tasks.

-q, --quiet

Do not log messages to standard output.

-B, --always-make

Unconditionally make all targets.

-T/ls, --tasks

Display the tasks (matching optional PATTERN) with descriptions, then exit.

-J, --jakelibdir JAKELIBDIR

Auto-import any .jake files in JAKELIBDIR. (default is 'jakelib')

-t, --trace

Enable full backtrace.

-h, --help

Display this help message.

-V/v, --version

Display the Jake version.

Reporting Bugs

Please report bugs on the GitHub issue tracker: <https://github.com/mde/jake/issues>


November 2014 jake 8.0.10