jadetex - Man Page

processing tex files produced by the T E X backend of Jade.


jadetex [ first line ]


This manual page was derived from the manual page for L A T E X and is not meant to be exhaustive.  The complete documentation for this version of T E X can be found in the info file or manual Web2C: A TeX implementation.

JadeT E X is a T E X macro package, not a modification to the T E X source program, so all the capabilities described in tex(1) are present. pdfjadetex is the PDFT E X version of the jadeT E X format.

See Also

pdfjadetex(1), latex(1), tex(1),


The author of jadeT E X is Sebastian Rahtz.

This manual page was derived from the L A T E X manual page. It is provided for the Debian distribution by Marcus Brinkmann. Please send improvements, suggestion and other comments to brinkmd@debian.org.

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12 July 1998 Marcus Brinkmann