jack_lsp - Man Page

JACK toolkit client to list information on ports


jack_lsp [ -s | --server servername ] [ -AclLptvh ]


jack_lsp lists all known ports associated with a JACK server. It can also optionally list various kinds of information about each port.


-s,  --server servername

Connect to the jack server named servername

-A,  --aliases

List aliases for each port

-c,  --connections

List connections to/from each port

-l,  --latency

Display per-port latency in frames at each port

-L, --latency

Display total latency in frames at each port

-p,  --properties

Display port properties. Output may include input|output, can-monitor, physical, terminal

-t,  --type

Display port type

-h,  --help

Display help/usage message

-v,  --version

Output version information and exit

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August 2022 1.9.21