j4-dmenu-desktop - Man Page

faster replacement for i3-dmenu-desktop


j4-dmenu-desktop is a faster replacement for i3-dmenu-desktop.

It's purpose is to find .desktop files and offer you a menu to start an  application using dmenu.


j4-dmenu-desktop [--dmenu="dmenu -i"] [--term="i3-sensible-terminal"]



Determines the command used to invoke dmenu Executed with your shell ($SHELL) or /bin/sh


Enables reading $XDG_CURRENT_DESKTOP to determine the desktop environment


Display binary name after each entry (off by default)


Do not include the generic name of desktop entries


Sets the terminal emulator used to start terminal apps


Must point to a read-writeable file (will create if not exists). In this mode entries are sorted by usage frequency.


Must point to a path where a file can be created. In this mode no menu will be shown. Instead the program waits for <path> to be written to (use echo > path). Every time this happens a menu will be shown. Desktop files are parsed ahead of time. Perfoming 'echo -n q > path' will exit the program.


Do not execute selected command, send to stdout instead


Display this help message

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