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isutf8 - Man Page

check whether files are valid UTF-8

Examples (TL;DR)


isutf8 [-hqliv] [--help] [--quiet] [--list] [--invert] [--verbose] [[file]]


isutf8 checks whether files are syntactically valid UTF-8. Input is either files named on the command line, or the standard input. Notices about files with invalid UTF-8 are printed to standard output.


-h,  --help

Print out a help summary.

-q,  --quiet

Don't print messages telling which files are invalid UTF-8, merely indicate it with the exit status.

-l,  --list

Print only the names of files containing invalid UTF-8.

-i,  --invert

Invert the selection: list UTF-8 compatible files.

-v,  --verbose

Also print an hexdump-like view of the error and some context.

Exit Status

If the file is valid UTF-8, the exit status is zero. If the file is not valid UTF-8, or there is some error, the exit status is non-zero.


Lars Wirzenius, Julien Palard

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