iso-info man page

iso-info — shows Information about an ISO 9660 image


iso-info [OPTION...]


-d, --debug=UINT
Set debugging to LEVEL
-i, --input[=FILE]
Filename to read ISO-9960 image from
Generate output similar to 'find . -print'
-l, --iso9660
output similar to 'ls -lR' for an ISO 9660 fs
-U, --udf
output similar to 'ls -lR' for a UDF fs
Don't display header and copyright (for regression
Don't use Joliet-extension information
Don't use Rock-Ridge-extension information
Don't use XA-extension information
-r --show-rock-ridge UINT Show if image uses Rock-Ridge extensions
A maximum of UINT files will be considered. Use 0 for all files.
-q, --quiet
Don't produce warning output
-V, --version
display version and copyright information and exit

Help options

-?, --help
Show this help message
Display brief usage message


Rocky Bernstein <>

See Also

cd-info(1) for information about an ISO-9660 image. cd-read(1) to read portions of an ISO 9660 image.

Referenced By

cd-info(1), iso-read(1).

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