iscsi-swp - Man Page

Utility to get/set software write protect on an iSCSI LUN


iscsi-swp [ Options ] <ISCSI-PORTAL>

iscsi-ls [-i --initiator-name=<IQN>] [-s --swp {on|off}] [-d --debug=<INTEGER>] [-? --help] [--usage]


iscsi-swp is a utility to get or set the software write protect on an iSCSI LUN.

Iscsi Portal URL Format

iSCSI portal format is 'iscsi://[<username>[%<password>]@]<host>[:<port>]'

Username and password are only required if the target requires CHAP authentication. Optionally you can specify the username and password via the environment variables LIBISCSI_CHAP_USERNAME and LIBISCSI_CHAP_PASSWORD.

Host can be specified either as a hostname, an IPv4 address or an IPv6 address. Examples:


Port is the TCP port on the target to connect to. Default is 3260.


-i --initiator-name=<IQN>

This specifies the initiator-name that iscsi-ls will use when logging in to the target.

The default name is '' but you can use this argument to override this. This is mainly needed for cases where the target is configured with access-control to only allow discovery logins from known initiator-names.

-s --swp {on|off}

By default iscsi-swp will only print the current setting of the software write protect bit. By using this argument iscsi-swp will also try to set/clear the flag on the target LUN.

iscsi-swp iscsi://

iscsi-swp iscsi:// --swp on
Turning SWP ON

iscsi-swp iscsi:// --swp off
Turning SWP OFF
-d --debug=<INTEGER>

Debug level.

-? --help

Display basic help text.


Display basic usage text.

See Also

iscsi-inq(1), iscsi-ls(1)


03/22/2014 iscsi-swp: get/set software w