iscsi-swp man page

iscsi-swp — Utility to get/set software write protect on an iSCSI LUN


iscsi-swp [ Options ] <ISCSI-PORTAL>

iscsi-ls [-i --initiator-name=<IQN>] [-s --swp {on|off}] [-d --debug=<INTEGER>] [-? --help] [--usage]


iscsi-swp is a utility to get or set the software write protect on an iSCSI LUN.

Iscsi Portal URL Format

iSCSI portal format is 'iscsi://[<username>[%<password>]@]<host>[:<port>]'

Username and password are only required if the target requires CHAP authentication. Optionally you can specify the username and password via the environment variables LIBISCSI_CHAP_USERNAME and LIBISCSI_CHAP_PASSWORD.

Host can be specified either as a hostname, an IPv4 address or an IPv6 address. Examples:


Port is the TCP port on the target to connect to. Default is 3260.


-i --initiator-name=<IQN>
This specifies the initiator-name that iscsi-ls will use when logging in to the target.

The default name is 'iqn.2007-10.com.github:sahlberg:libiscsi:iscsi-ls' but you can use this argument to override this. This is mainly needed for cases where the target is configured with access-control to only allow discovery logins from known initiator-names.
-s --swp {on|off}

By default iscsi-swp will only print the current setting of the software write protect bit. By using this argument iscsi-swp will also try to set/clear the flag on the target LUN.

iscsi-swp iscsi://

iscsi-swp iscsi:// --swp on
Turning SWP ON

iscsi-swp iscsi:// --swp off
Turning SWP OFF
-d --debug=<INTEGER>
Debug level.
-? --help
Display basic help text.
Display basic usage text.

See Also

iscsi-inq(1), iscsi-ls(1) http://github.com/sahlberg/libiscsi


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