irsimreceive - Man Page

Decode IR durations data.


irsimreceive [options]  <configfile>  <datafile>


This is a simple test tool which decodes duration data in datafile using an lircd.conf type configfile. The outputted data is in the same format as on the lircd output socket.


-U,  --plugindir <dir>

Load drivers from <dir>.

-v , --version

Print version and exit.

-h , --help

Print help message.



Debug log. Setting the XDG_CACHE_HOME environment variable relocates this file to $XDG_CACHE_HOME/irsimreceive.log. The amount of logging respects the LIRC_LOGLEVEL environment variable, defaulting to the debug value in the [lircd]  section of lirc_options.conf.

See Also

The documentation for lirc is maintained as html pages. They are located under html/ in the documentation directory.


Last change: Oct 2015 irsimreceive 0.10.0