ircp - Man Page

send or receive files via infrared connection


ircp [-r [destination]]

ircp [file...]


ircp is a small utility to transfer files from or to a remote Linux machine, Windows computer, or various PDAs by using an infrared (IrDA) port. It is designed for working e.g. with Quickbeam.

This program is designed to be an example application for the openobex library.



Use ircp to receive files. If destination is given, the received files are stored in that directory; if not, the files are copied to your current directory. If this options is not given, the specified files are sent

See Also

irobex_palm3(1), irxfer(1)


Hendrik Sattler <>

initial version of manpage

Harald Hoyer <>

Initial version of obex_push manpage

Referenced By

irobex_palm3(1), irxfer(1).

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