irccat man page

irccat — Send message to irc channels.


irccat [-s] <host> <port> <section> <text...>


irccat sends a single line message to a host running subybot with the supybot-irccat plugin. Such a server listens to a specific port and waits for formatted messages which are relayed to one or more irc channels.

The supybot-irccat plugin defines sections. Each section has a name, a password and a list of channels. irccat refers to such a section and it's password. The channels which recieves the message is handled by the server.

Besides the mandatory parameters a password must be given either by using -s or through the environment, see below.


$ irccat-s 12345 build "Build completed"

will send the message "Build completed" to using the section 'build' and it's password.



Read password from stdin.

h, --help

print help info.



Section password, required if not using -s.

See Also

Source, issue tracker, etc.