ipmctl-update-firmware man page

ipmctl-update-firmware ā€” Updates the firmware on one or more DCPMMs


ipmctl load [OPTIONS] -source (path) -dimm (DimmIds) [TARGETS]


Updates the firmware on one or more DCPMMs. On the next power cycle, the firmware will become active.


If Address Range Scrub (ARS) is in progress on any target DIMM, an attempt will be made to abort ARS and the proceed with the firmware update.


A reboot is required to activate the updated firmware image and is recommended to ensure ARS runs to completion.


-x, -examine

Verifies the target DIMM is compatible with and ready to receive the recovery firmware image specified in the source option. Return the recovery firmware image version.

-f, -force

Downgrading the firmware to an older version is a potentially destructive operation which requires confirmation from the user for each DCPMM. This option suppresses the confirmation when attempting to downgrade.

-h, -help

Displays help for the command.

-o (text|nvmxml), -output (text|nvmxml)

Changes the output format. One of: "text" (default) or "nvmxml".


-dimm (DimmIDs)

Updates the firmware on specific DCPMMs by supplying one or more comma-separated DCPMM identifiers. However, this is not recommended as it may put the system in an undesirable state. The default is to update all manageable DCPMMs.


Updates the firmware on all DCPMMs in the system to the image in sourcefile.pkg on the next power cycle.

ipmctl load -source sourcefile.pkg -dimm

Checks the firmware image in c:\sourcefile.pkg and retrieve the version.

ipmctl load -examine -source sourcefile.pkg -dimm


The specified DCPMM(s) must be manageable by the host software.

Firmware version (PN.RN.SV.bbbb) updates are supported as follows:


Once a firmware image is staged for execution, a power cycle is required before another firmware image of the same type (production or debug) can be staged for execution using this command.

Return Data

When the examine option is provided, the firmware image is checked and the version number and firmware type is provided. The firmware will either be valid for the DCPMM, a downgrade or invalid meaning it cannot be used for that DCPMM.

Sample Output

(file path): MM.mm.hh.bbbb
Load FW on DIMM (DimmID): (Valid|Downgrade) [(with
confirmation or the force option)]

If the firmware is being downgraded and the force option is not provided, the user will be prompted to confirm the downgrade for each DCPMM. Otherwise, for each DCPMM, the CLI will indicate the status of the operation.

Downgrade firmware on DIMM (DimmID)? (y or [n]) Downgrade firmware
on DIMM (DimmID)? (y or [n])

If a failure occurs when updating multiple DCPMMs, the process will continue attempting to update the remaining DCPMMs requested. The firmware will not become active until the next power cycle. Use the command Section [Show Device Firmware] to view more detailed information about the active and staged firmware.

Load FW on DIMM (DimmID): Success, a power cycle is required to
activate the FW.
Load FW on DIMM (DimmID): Success, a power cycle is required to
activate the FW.
Load FW on DIMM (DimmID): Error (Code) - (Description)

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