ipmctl-set-dimm - Man Page

Changes the configurable settings on one or more PMem modules


ipmctl set [OPTIONS] -dimm [TARGETS] [PROPERTIES]


Changes the configurable settings on one or more PMem modules.


-f, ā€‰-force

Changing PMem module settings is a potentially destructive operation which requires confirmation from the user for each PMem module. This option suppresses the confirmation.

-h, ā€‰-help

Displays help for the command.

-o (text|nvmxml), -output (text|nvmxml)

Changes the output format. One of: "text" (default) or "nvmxml".


-dimm (DimmIDs)

Modifies specific PMem modules by supplying one or more comma separated PMem module identifiers. However, this is not recommended as it may put the system in an undesirable state. The default is to modify all manageable PMem modules.



The value, in milliseconds, used to determine the time constant for reporting the average power consumption measurements. Can be set to a value between 100 and 12000, by increments of 100. The default value is 1000.


Sets average power reporting time constant multiplier to 1 on all manageable PMem modules.

set -dimm AveragePowerReportingTimeConstant=1500


In order to successfully execute this command:

Return Data

For each PMem module, the CLI will indicate the status of the operation. If a failure occurs when modifying multiple PMem modules, the process will exit and not continue modifying the remaining PMem modules.

Sample Output

Modify PMem module (DimmID): Success
Modify PMem module (DimmID): Error (Code) - (Description)

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