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ipmctl-dump-support-data - Man Page

Dumps a support snapshot to a file


ipmctl dump [OPTIONS] -destination (file_prefix) [-dict (filename)] -support


Creates a support snapshot and dump support data to a file for off-line analysis by support personnel. Support data may include system logs, error logs, trace logs, platform configuration, sensor information and diagnostic results.

This command may take significantly longer than other commands to complete, because it combines and executes multiple individual commands.

Commands executed:

Commands executed per PMem module:


-h, ā€‰-help

Displays help for the command.


Used to specify DDRT as the desired transport protocol for the current invocation of ipmctl.


Used to specify SMBUS as the desired transport protocol for the current invocation of ipmctl.

The -ddrt and -smbus options are mutually exclusive and may not be used together.

-o (text|nvmxml), -output (text|nvmxml)

Changes the output format of the command execution (the output file content will remain text). One of: "text" (default) or "nvmxml".


-destination (filename)

This command creates a text file with a name starting with the given filename option and dumps the platform support information into it. In addition, this command also outputs the debug log information in separate files. Refer to [Dump Debug Log] for more details.

-dict (filename)

Optional file path to the dictionary file. If supplied, the command will create both the binary debug log and a text file with decoded log data with the file prefix specified by -destination. This option is used only to dump the debug log information.


Creates a text file named dumpfile_platform_support_info.txt and stores the platform supported data in that file. Also, dumps the debug log info in the related files that start with the file name dumpfile. Refer to [Dump Debug Log] for more info on the output files.

ipmctl dump -destination filename -dict nlog_dict. -support


In order to successfully execute this command:

Return Data

Returns the status of the operation.

Sample Output

On success:

Dump support data successfully written to filename_platform_support_info.txt.


2024-01-24 ipmctl