ipa-run-tests - Man Page

Run the FreeIPA test suite


ipa-run-tests [options]


ipa-run-tests is a wrapper around Pytest that run the FreeIPA test suite. It is intended to be used for developer testing and in continuous integration systems.

It is possible to select a subset of the entire test suite by specifying a test file relative to the ipatests package, for example:

   ipa-run-tests test_integration/test_simple_replication.py


All command-line options are passed to the underlying Pytest runner. See "pytest --help" for a complete list.

Exit Status

Running pytest can result in six different exit codes:

Exit code 0:All tests were collected and passed successfully
Exit code 1:Tests were collected and run but some of the tests failed
Exit code 2:Test execution was interrupted by the user
Exit code 3:Internal error happened while executing tests
Exit code 4:pytest command line usage error
Exit code 5:No tests were collected


Please see ipa-test-config(1) for a description of configuration environment variables.


A full description of the FreeIPA testing is available at https://www.freeipa.org/page/Testing


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