ipa-cert-fix - Man Page

Renew expired certificates


ipa-cert-fix [options]


ipa-cert-fix is a tool for recovery when expired certificates prevent the normal operation of IPA.  It should ONLY be used in such scenarios, and backup of the system, especially certificates and keys, is STRONGLY RECOMMENDED.

Do not use this program unless expired certificates are inhibiting normal operation and renewal procedures.

To renew the IPA CA certificate, use ipa-cacert-manage(1).

This tool cannot renew certificates signed by external CAs.  To install new, externally-signed HTTP, LDAP or KDC certificates, use ipa-server-certinstall(1).

ipa-cert-fix will examine IPA and Certificate System certificates and renew certificates that are expired, or close to expiry (less than two weeks).  If any "shared" certificates are renewed, ipa-cert-fix will set the current server to be the CA renewal master, and add the new shared certificate(s) to LDAP for replication to other CA servers.  Shared certificates include all Dogtag system certificates except the HTTPS certificate, and the IPA RA certificate.

To repair certificates across multiple CA servers, first ensure that LDAP replication is working across the topology.  Then run ipa-cert-fix on one CA server.  Before running ipa-cert-fix on another CA server, trigger Certmonger renewals for shared certificates via getcert-resubmit(1) (on the other CA server).  This is to avoid unnecessary renewal of shared certificates.

Important note: the certmonger daemon does not immediately notice the updated certificates and may trigger a renewal after ipa-cert-fix completes. As a consequence, getcert list output may display that a renewal is in progress even if ipa-cert-fix just finished. It is recommended to monitor the certmonger-initiated renewal and wait for its completion before any other administrative task.



Show the program's version and exit.

-h,  --help

Show the help for this program.

-v,  --verbose

Print debugging information.

-q,  --quiet

Output only errors (output from child processes may still be shown).


Log to the given file.

Exit Status

0 if the command was successful

1 if an error occurred

See Also

ipa-cacert-manage(1) ipa-server-certinstall(1) getcert-resubmit(1)


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