intel_gpu_top - Man Page

Display a top-like summary of Intel GPU usage


intel_gpu_top [Options]


intel_gpu_top is a tool to display usage information on Intel GPU's.

The tool presents data collected from performance counters (PMU), exposed by i915 and other platform drivers like RAPL (power) and Uncore IMC (memory bandwidth).



Show help text.


Output CSV formatted data.


Output JSON formatted data.


List plain text data.

-o <file>, or -o -

Output to the specified file instead of standard output. '-' can also be specified to explicitly select standard output.

-s <ms>

Refresh period in milliseconds.


List available GPUs on the system.


Select a specific GPU using one of the supported filters.


Default to showing physical engines instead of aggregated classes.

Runtime Control

Supported keys:

'q'    Exit from the tool.
'h'    Show interactive help.
'1'    Toggle between aggregated by engine class and physical engine mode.
'n'    Toggle display of numeric client busyness overlay.
's'    Toggle between sort modes (runtime, total runtime, pid, client id).
'i'    Toggle display of clients which used no GPU time.
'H'    Toggle between per PID aggregation and individual clients.

Device Selection

On systems where multiple GPUs are present it is possible to select a specific GPU to be monitored. A GPU can be selected by sysfs path, drm device node or using various PCI sub filters.

FilterSyntaxGPU selection criteria
Select using the sysfs path.
Select using the /dev/dri/* device node.
Select using the PCI address. Vendor is hexadecinal number or vendor name.

JSON Output

JSON output will be correctly terminated when the tool cleanly exits, otherwise one square bracket needs to be added before parsing.


Reporting Bugs

Report bugs on fd.o GitLab:


IGT Developers <>


2023-01-27 igt-gpu-tools 1.27.1 General Commands Manual