intel_gpu_frequency - Man Page

Manipulate Intel GPU frequencies


intel_gpu_frequency [Options]


A program to manipulate Intel GPU frequencies. Intel GPUs will automatically throttle the frequencies based on system demands, up when needed, down when not. This tool should only be used for debugging performance problems, or trying to get a stable frequency while benchmarking.

Intel GPUs only accept specific frequencies. The tool may, or may not attempt to adjust requests to the proper frequency if they aren't correct. This may lead to non-obvious failures when setting frequency. Multiples of 50MHz is usually a safe bet.



Lock frequency to the most efficient frequency.

-g,  --get

Get all the current frequency settings.


Lock frequency to an absolute value (MHz).

-c,  --custom

Set a min, or max frequency "min=X | max=Y".

-m,  --max

Lock frequency to max frequency.

-i,  --min

Lock frequency to min (never a good idea, DEBUG ONLY).

-d,  --defaults

Return the system to hardware defaults.

-h,  --help

Show help.

-v,  --version

Show version.


intel_gpu_frequency -gmin,cur

Get the current and minimum frequency.

intel_gpu_frequency -s 400

Lock frequency to 400Mhz.

intel_gpu_frequency -c max=750

Set the max frequency to 750MHz

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