inkview man page

inkview — slideshow program which uses SVG files


inkview [FILES] ... [somewhere/*.svg] ...


Inkview is a slideshow program which uses SVG files. One or more FILES may be specified on the command-line and the slideshow will consist of the files supplied on the command line in the given order.


Left or Page Up: show previous slide
Right, Page Down, or space bar: show next slide
Up: go to first slide
Down: go to last slide
Escape, q or Q: quit
F11: go to fullscreen mode/revert back to window mode
Return: pop up window with slide buttons (first, prev, next, last)


You can use the command inkview /usr/share/inkscape/examples/*.svg* to browse through the examples included in the inkscape package.


There are no options yet.


add a default SVG for when a document does not load.
add a usage/help command line switch

See Also

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Johan Ceuppens

This codebase owes its existence to a large number of contributors throughout its various incarnations. See inkscape(1) for more information.

This man-page was written by Wolfram Quester <>


December 28, 2004 INKSCAPE Inkscape-0.40