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inkview - Man Page

an SVG viewer and slideshow program.

Examples (TL;DR)


inkview [options] [filename ...]


    -h, --help
    -V, --version

    -f, --fullscreen
    -r, --recursive
    -t, --timer=NUMBER
    -s, --scale=NUMBER
    -p, --preload


Inkview is an Scalable Vector Graphics (SVG) viewer that can also be used for slideshows or presentations. One or more FILES or FOLDERS can be specified on the command-line for opening. Inkview will display all SVG files in the given order. Folders will be expanded to a list of contained SVG files.

You can also launch Inkview without any command-line arguments, which will bring up a file chooser that allows to select files and folders via a graphical user interface.


-?,  --help

Show help options

-V,  --version

Print Inkview version and build date (this is usually matches the Inkscape version).

-f,  --fullscreen

Launch Inkview in fullscreen mode.

-r,  --recursive

Search folders specified on the command line recursively for SVG files. This means all SVG files in all subfolders of the specified folder will be opened.

-t, --timer=NUMBER

Change to the next image every NUMBER seconds

-s, --scale=NUMBER

Show image scaled by a factor of NUMBER instead of using the file's native size.

-p,  --preload

Preloads all SVG files. Inkview still needs to render images upon showing, however this option ensures all SVG files are already parsed and loaded into memory. This option can also be used to verify if all files can be opened properly, without having to cycle through all files manually.



Open two SVG files for viewing:

    inkview file1.svg file2.svg

Open all SVG files in the examples folder shipped with Inkscape:

    inkview B</usr/share>/inkscape/examples

Launch a fullscreen slideshow that automatically changes to the next image every 5 seconds:

    inkview --fullscreen --timer=5 [files/folders ...]

See Also




See inkscape(1)


2024-07-03 1.3.2 Inkview Commands Manual