infadd man page

infadd — infinite additions to LDAP server


infadd -s suffix -u bindDN -w password [options]


infadd is used to measure performance of the add operation. It can span multiple threads in order to test the performance under heavy locking.


-h hostname
hostname (default: localhost)
-p port
port (default: 389)
-t threads
number of threads to spin (default: 1)
use TCP no‐delay
quiet mode (no status updates)
verbose mode (give per‐thread statistics)
-I num
first uid (default: 0)
-l count
limit count; stops when the total count exceeds <count>
-i msec
sample interval in milliseconds (default: 10000)
-R size
generate <size> random names instead of using data files
-z size
add binary blob of average size of <size> bytes

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infadd was written by the 389 Project.

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May 18, 2008