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inetcat - Man Page

Opens a read/write interface via STDIN/STDOUT to a TCP port on a usbmux device


inetcat [Options] <DEVICE_TCP_PORT>


inetcat is a simple netcat-like tool that allows opening a read/write interface to a TCP port on a usbmux device and exposing it via STDIN/STDOUT.


-u,  --udid UDID

Target specific device by UDID. Note that if this option is not specified, inetcat will connect to the first device found.

-n,  --network

Connect to network device. The device needs to have WiFi sync enabled and needs to be paired with this computer for this to work. Please note that a device might close connections at any time to save power. This option will make inetcat connect to network attached devices only, unless -l is passed too (see below).

-l,  --local

Connect to USB device. This is the default if no option is passed. If used together with -n, inetcat will first attempt a connection to a device attached via USB, and if not available attempt to reach a device via network.

-h,  --help

Prints usage information.

-d,  --debug

Increase debug level.


Use ssh ProxyCommand to connect to a jailbroken iOS device via SSH:

$ ssh -oProxyCommand="inetcat 22" root@localhost

Used in SSH config file to connect to iOS Device:

$ cat ~/.ssh/config Host myiphone
 User root
 ProxyCommand "icat 22 UDID_of_my_iphone" $ ssh myiphone


Adrien Guinet

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